Saturday, 17 September 2016

Quip Electric Toothbrushes And Dental Regime.

New American startup "Quip" is intending to shake-up your dental hygiene regime, both in terms of the process, and also with regards to replacements.   Firstly the design, intended to be as attractive as possible, a big move away from the traditional ugly white lumps that electric toothbrushes usually are.

Next the research behind the brush.  Designed in cooperation with dentists, it specifically targets areas of the teeth with the layout of the bristles, and also, the clever trick it has, when one area has been brushed enough, the handle stops vibrating, and it's time to move to a different area.  Thus makes sure you clean your teeth for exactly the right amount of time.

Finally, the subscription service, sadly only available in the U.S. at present, for a $10 every 3 months subscription, you will have a new toothpaste and brush head set delivered every 3 months.  Combined with the $25 startup cost, this is the lowest cost electric toothbrush and dental hygiene programme currently available, since most high end electric toothbrushes are hundreds of pounds each.

The Quip will be available in the U.K. by the end of 2016, so keep your eye out, or subscribe to their mailing list on their website.

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