Friday, 2 September 2016

Japan Only Givenchy Pop-Up Store Exclusive Capsule Collection.

Anyone who loves ultra exclusive hard to get luxury goods should book themselves a plane ticket to Tokyo and camp outside the ISETAN department store from September 6th or earlier, as on September 7th they will be featuring a pop-up 'Givenchy Essentials' in store, and to commemorate this event, a capsule collection exclusive to this store, and this pop-up.

In line with the minimal 'essential' vibe, the exclusive collection will be all black, with red only details, single stars on a cap backpack and sneakers, and "I feel love Japan" in red, finally "Givenchy Paris" again in red.

Prices are from £120 for the caps, but you will need to add your plane ticket, hotel, and transport fares on, as there is very little chance of these being available ever again for the retail prices.

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