Saturday, 3 September 2016

Miansai Leather Goods And Accessories.

Not many people have heard of the Amercian brand Miansai, but those who have associate it it with one thing majorly, bracelets.  Specifically fun nautical themed bracelets with colourful silk strings and either precious, or plated tips.  The brand has now started to diversify, perhaps part of an overall long term strategy, or as a result of success, they expanded into cufflinks and small leather goods last year, written about by us, and now, have launched a full range of luggage and bags.  

Retaining the nautical theme, the line-up currently includes backpacks that resemble travel bags, and lots of brass detailing, deep hued navy canvas evokes the deep blue sea, and the colourful silk which started the brand off from their bracelets can be seen on various points.  Premium calf details, or all over, are used, and the whole affair does actually fit in with the brands overall by-the-sea feel.

Whether or not future releases will be in keeping or not remains to be seen, however the range is available now, with prices starting from £280, and stretching to £750 for a holdall.

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