Thursday, 17 November 2016

Bang And Olufsen Introduce Cool Modern Brass Tone Permanent Colorway.

Pictured here is a selection of images and pieces from B&O's new "Cool Modern" bras tone colour option which it has added to it's line-up from December 1st 2016.  Echoing the fact that brass is being seen increasingly frequently in home interiors in recent years, they have decided to add as a permanent colour choice this option.

The initial selection of products that will see the new option are the Beosound 1, Beosound 2, Beosound 35, Beovision 14, Beovision Avant, Beolab 5, Beolab 17, Beolab 18, Beolab 19, Beolab 90 and Beoremote One.

Prices are not going to vary, it will simply be that consumers pick aluminium or cool modern at the time of purchasing.

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