Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Coca Cola Limited Edition Ginger For The Holiday Season.

Coca Cola may not strictly be a luxury product in-and-of-itself, but it's everyman appeal and over 100 years of heritage have meant that it's red cans and bottles have accompanied the most luxurious settings in the world, as Assouline's special Coca Cola book set showed us.  And as one of the worlds richest companies, when it does something new, it's worth taking notice of.

For the 2016 Holiday season, we present Coca Cola Ginger flavour.  Available in classic only, and with no diet or zero versions set to be released, this will be a fun addition, that can sweeten and warm up your holiday drinks, and make an instant whiskey mac out of a whiskey and coke.

Available now in Australia and New Zealand, with worldwide releases set to follow.

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