Monday, 7 November 2016

World's First Roll's Royce Boutique In Dubai.

This may be the most significant luxury news of recent times, and in an age of ultra-wealthy consumers whose thirst for more luxurious product never seems to abate, that is saying something.

Roll's Royce is in some ways one of the original luxury brands, harking from an age where wealth distribution was somewhat similar to the one we currently live in, it's storied past features aeronautical feats of engineering, both military and commercial, and vehicles desired and own by the elite for well over 100 years.  

Now, in Dubai, for the first time, Rolls' Royce are opening their own, direct to market, "boutique" where customers can pick ever detail of their next automobile in a dedicated space similar to a luxury goods boutique.

Located at City Walk Dubai, pop, or fly, along and pick your next Roll's in every detail right down to the colour of the screw heads.

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