Sunday 3 September 2023

Designer and Luxury Brands Discontinue Cigarette Cases.


Indicating how far smoking has fallen from favour, we are now seeing that luxury brands are no longer producing cigarette cases or holders.  

We noticed this last season when browsing much loved categories of small accessories, and observed they no longer seemed to be in the range of products on offer.  One example being Louis Vuitton where at time of writing the last remaining trace of the product is a faulty page showing the pictured item is "unavailable".   Found here.

This also seems to be the case at other brands, such as Hermes, Goyard and Chanel also seem to no longer sell these, or advertise them, and a call to their stores confirmed they don't stock these any longer.  

As much as it would be pleasant to imagine this move came from concern for consumers health, all those asked said they would make them as special orders.  Not to mention the fact they still sell cigar accessories and cases. 

So there we go, the era of smoking cigarettes may truly be coming to an end, as demand for luxury cigarette cases is now so low that luxury brands no longer bother making them unless for special order.

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