Sunday 17 September 2023

Hermes Apple Partnership Continues With Apple No Longer Selling Hermes Leather


Contrary to endless speculation, Apple and Hermes are not terminating their partnership, and the brands continue to create their limited edition Apple Watches for luxury tech consumers.  However, thats not the whole story, and there most certainly has been a change in the range offered by Apple.

As of 2023, Apple no longer sell leather Hermes Apple Watch straps.  That's right, you can't purchase an Apple Watch from Apple anymore made from any substance other than fabric, rubber or plastic.  Apparently, this comes from a desire to go carbon neutral, and abandon environmentally unfriendly materials.  However, the Apple Watch Hermes bands can most certainly still be obtained, just not from Apple.

A quick visit to a Hermes store, or their website, will show that the full range of Hermes leather straps in deployant, single tour, double tour, and the entire range of Hermes leather colours are very much still obtainable.  So in effect, nothing has changed, you can get the Apple Watch Hermes from Apple, and the leather bands from Hermes.  Prices start from £1,299.

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