Thursday, 28 January 2010

Alabaster Stone Chess Sets from Chiellini Voltera, the finest and most expressive material for a chess set

Note the title carefully, I do not state most expensive, rather most expressive, the family firm of Chiellini has been producing these beautiful chess sets for several hundred years in the Italian town of Voltera.

Historically the Alabaster stone has always been famed for its beauty, and the subtle variations in the mineral produce an extraordinarily unique effect, each chess piece seems to be almost alive and pulsing with organic intensity.

There are many vastly more expensive options for the humble chess set, including being produced in solid gold or even encrusted with diamonds, such as the Charles Hollander collection 'royal diamond' chess set which sells for £3.5m $5m, €3.8m and in comparison is quite ugly, and even a Swarovski crystal chess set which goes for £1000, $1500, €1100. Selling on average for from £250, $400, €280 and increasing from there for a set these alabaster ones are no slouch in that regard however, but in terms of their unique impact they really stand out as one of the finest luxury chess sets around, and can proudly compete with the other available options on the market.

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