Friday, 29 January 2010

The TAG Heuer Bluetooth Headset, WHY?

I read about this product some months ago, seems like mid 2009, did a quick search on google using the history of articles features, and it showed all the articles were in May of last year, so pretty much mid 2009.

It seems interesting at a first glance, a little ugly possibly, but what makes it stand out is the obvious addition of a USB, unusual in most blue tooth headsets, this is meant for the base to be able to plug into a computer, both charging the device, and supplying 4GB of storage as a flash drive.

Not meaning to be unkind to TAG, but Why? Who really wants to be able to drain the battery of their laptop charging a slightly ugly boxy blue tooth headset, while simultaneously having a limited 4GB storage from a flash drive the size of a small mobile phone (OK a very small one).

I really don't understand the market this is aimed at, anyone like myself who may be interested in high end or luxurious products would not want to lug around some toy like gadget that features an 'amazing' 4GB of storage, I myself use Bang Olufsens ear set 2, and would certainly not be in any hurry to change to this monstrosity.

Anyway, critique aside, none of the articles showed the price, and still don't, so I thought I would post this to inform all the current costing, I had a look at one in Harrods the other day, it is on display next to their Meridist Mobile phones, the TAG Heuer Blue tooth Headset costs £390
$629 €451.

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