Friday, 26 February 2010

The Dunhill Provenance Cufflinks, Looks like they were made by TMB art metal?

I don't know if you've seen these fantastic cuff links or not, but essentially they are beautiful links made from the materials of rare and unusual things from the past, the examples shown above are at the top cuff links made from the radiator of old number 1 Bentley with 18k arms, beneath that cuff links made from a 3752 Ferrari GTO with solid gold arms, and at the bottom cuff links made from a spitfire planes engine, for information on the full range visit TMB's art metal .

I wanted however to make this post not just to discuss these amazing cuff links, but also the similarity between these and the above cuff links, made by Dunhill, it seems in fact that they are actually identical, and from the Dunhill spiel, it says that they are as the TMB ones, made from the material of a Ferrari 250 GTO 3752, they even call them provenance cuff links same as TMB, coincidence perhaps? I think a little too much of a coincidence myself.

Either way these are outstanding pieces, why just go and buy something made of gold, or silver, or even studded with diamonds, when you could wear something that is a real piece of history on your cuff. I like the ones with the gold arms, for a touch of the conventially precious mixed with the unusual, but for my money the solid aluminium GTO cuff links are a real winner, and only set to increase in value too.

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