Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Dunhill's new Aluminium Luggage collection, fail?

Read in esquire and subsequently on luxist about the new Dunhill Aluminium Luggage range, which varies in price starting from £695.00. The press releases and general feeling seems to be that these are quite lovely, however personally, I disagree.

I understand the whole 'Retro Futuristic' style idea, but I dont really understand the point, personally if I wanted Aluminium luggage, and I do, And I have, I would choose Rimowa, And I have. I,m not some sort of Rimowa employee espousing their products over all others, its just that if you want sturdy lightweight aluminium luggage for long haul flights, then go to an expert, these new Dunhill products are too close to luxury for my taste, aluminium luggage is something that in my opinion should be utilitarian, fulfill a purpose and do a job, luxury luggage is just that, luxury and should be presented as such.

Thats not to say that its impossible to present aluminium luggage as a luxury product, Hermes have succeeded perfectly with the Orion range of luggage, both to present something luxurious and practical, however Dunhill's offering is essentially just a suitcase cast from aluminium, with no practical inside pockets, it just doesn't work for me.

Anyway for anybody who disagrees with me, I suggest you contact Dunhill VERY soon as these are being produced in limited quantities, in other words get in quick before its all gone.

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