Friday, 16 April 2010

Hang on a minute, Laduree macaron's in Marie Antionette? But she died 130 years before they were invented!

Just finished writing a entry about Laduree and their 'le mont blanc' delicacy that I tried today, and suddenly something occurred to me. In the 2006 film by sofia coppolla they served laduree macaron's at a tea between her and an ambassador.

However this exposed to me a glaring and rather obvious inconsistency, one which I am surprised no-one else noticed, at least no-one that I could see from my brief research on the subject. What I realised was, Marie Antionette was executed in 1793, yet Laduree did not invent the double decker macaron until 1930, some 130 years later.

I realise that Hollywood is famous for serious artistic licences, take the Enigma machine which according to a Hollywood film was captured and decoded by americans rather than British soldiers. However to place a product in a scene with two historical figures, who died some 100 + years before it invention is taking things a bit far, isnt it?

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