Friday, 16 April 2010

The Laduree Mont blanc, another Laduree triumph (if you like chesnut and cream)

Popped into Laduree's Burlington arcade store today, and rather than just buying one of their always perfect and iconic macaron's, I decided to take a seat outside and try le mont blanc, a challenging looking creation, appearing at once a cross between a small pot of petrified stir fry noodles and an incredibly exotic cup cake.

Laduree has been world renowned since its beginnings in Paris some 140+ years ago, and has been on a rapid and expansive expansion drive since its financial difficulties in the early 90's necessitated a corporate takeover by Paul bakery's owner Groupe Holder, with this burlington Arcade store opening in 2007, and the Harrods one only a few years earlier.

The global expansion has entered the fictional world also, as in the 2006 film by Sofia coppola the macaron's featured during a tea with some nondescript ambassador or other.

Anyway, le mont blanc was delicious, and surprisingly reasonably priced, it cost only £3.30, and the total bill including a single espresso was only £6.45, good value for such a well made confectionary, featuring a delicate meringue base, topped with fine cream, and the noodle looking element is chesnut cream, very unusual and very nice, and the proverbial (and literal) icing on the cake is a lovely dollop of cream on top, as I said in the title, a triumph - if you like chesnuts.

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