Monday, 19 April 2010

The Vertu Ayxta, this I like.

I have never been a huge fan of the Vertu handsets, Nokia's luxury subsidiary has in my opinion since it inception failed on both the substance and style stakes, failing when it comes to substance is no great surprise with regards super high end luxury products, as a trademark of items in this rarified environment is specialization - as in it does one thing well and nothing else. However style is a prerequisite at the top end of the market.

And as I said, I feel that vertu has previously failed in this regard, the signature, constellation, ascent ranges (which at one point I owned myself) all seeming bulky, ugly and woefully short of the astronomical prices requested, and requiring hideous gemstone adornments (ala the boucheron limited edition range) merely to stand out as different.

This trend was corrected slightly with the Signature S range, which although still dull was at least elegantly dull, however, I feel the Vertu Ayxta which I spied in Selfridges Wonder Room the other day really took my breath away style wise, it was the first Vertu I ever saw that left me genuinely considering purchasing it. The elegant flap, the strip of leather, the auto opening mechanism - really stunning.

No need to discuss features because it hasnt got any (except gps - ooohhh sic). Concierge service standard, but anyone with an amex platinum or higher has that, so, big deal, no-one including myself, is even remotely interested in whats inside this beautiful little toy. For those similarly interested in its exterior, it is priced at £4500

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