Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tumi 35 years old this year, You would have thought more considering the quality.

Tumi as a brand is universally accepted as a go to brand for sturdy reliable luggage, which is of a good enough level to be carried with pride, but at the same time is not so hideously expensive that you have to worry about loosing or damaging it too much, several references in popular culture confirm this status, including a line in American Psycho, where everyones most unfavourite uberconsumer Patrick Bateman speaks proudly about his leather attache.

In addition to which, with various new releases such as the t-tech collections, collaborations with Ducati, the release of the townhouse collections, and the production of newer high quality Alligator Leather pieces, they are slowly and steadily climbing the branches of the luxury tree to the lofty heights to now be regarded as more than just a go to.

It comes then as some surprise to many that this outstanding brand is no more than 35 years old, with many brands attempting to display levels of quality and establishment values they they truly do not possess (see some of my recent posts on pseudo brands) it is reassuring to find a brand that can produce genuinely quality products time after time after time, and be regarded even more highly as the years go by.

Due to their 35th anniversary an oppurtunity presents itself to te cost concious consumer, they are having a special sale in all their stores, so if you have not yet joined the tumi club, now is your chance.

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