Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A selection of Luxury travel Bars/drinking cabinets.

Thought I'd write about something which has been running through my mind alot recently, the subject of Luxury Travel Bars or Drinking cabinets, depending on your preference, actually some of these are more than just bars, they are complete entertainment centres, but anyway, I have been looking at them quite frquently recently, some of the nicest ones I wanted to present here.

First up the most extravagent option I found in my research the St Dupont Diamond Case, functioning essentially as a mobile office and travel bar, this case is wrapped in black crocodile leather, and contains all the essentials for working away from home, priced at $45,000.

Second from Louis Vuitton, and exclusively a travel bar, this is an update of an original 1955 Louis Vuitton Design that can be produced either in the original Vuitton Canvas, or in the Taiga leather which is the signature of this reissue, designed really as more of a bar specifically for whisky or cognac, the original design in fact being called the 'whisky case'. Containing a crystal decanter, glassses, coasters, ice bucket and tongs, it is priced at $35,000.

Produced by Viscount Linleys own brand 'Linley', it is quite the pinnacle of elegant travel bars, manufactured in rosewood, with sterling silver and leather touches to the handles and tops, it includes 2 crystal decanters for your favourite spirits, 8 shot glasses, a cigar holder, cigar cutter and rack for the shot glasses. Priced at $56,000.

Another offering from Linley, this is a little bit different, rather than the traditional case or casket type presentation, allowing you to utilize the decanters provided to use your own drink, this particular case provides the buyer with a selection of Maccallans finest vintage malt Whisky, including the 1937, 1940, 1948, 1955, 1966 and 1970 bottlings. Made from English Burr Oak, and also with space for 6 crystal glasses, and a built in humidor with themometer it is priced at £55,000, and is available exclusively from Harrods London.

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