Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Cartier Solo, The Must de Cartier's new iteration, becoming increasingly hard to distinguish from the Louis Cartie Tank.

The Watch Above on the bottom is the Tank Louis Cartier, created in 1917 by Louis Cartier Himself it is the definitive Cartier Wristwatch, available only in White of Yellow gold, with a find Hand Winding Movement, elegant case dimensions of 33.7mm by 25.5mm with a 6.4mm thickness, with its design being influenced by the design of the renault tanks of the First World War, it is the enduring classic that will never dip beneath the relative pricing of around £5000.00 in todays money.

On the top is the Tank Solo, one of the cheapest models in Cartier's range, based on the tank design it features case dimensions of 34mm by 27mm with a 5.5mm thickness, and caries a generic quartz movement, it can befound for around £1800 at some dealerships and represents Cartiers more budget options.

Notice any similarity between the two?  As in identical?  The Cartier solo is the latest generation of a range of watches that Cartier have been producing since the 1970s to compete with first the Quartz revolution, and subsequently to stay afloat in poor markets, the Must De Cartier Range.  The original Must De Cartier Clearly displayed on the Dial that it was Must De Cartier, and further enforced this difference with highly unusual dial colour combination, to ensure there would be no confusion with the higher end Louis Cartier Tank.

However it seems in the modern Hyper Aware culture we live in, for this range to compete, they have had to make it near Identical to the Louis Cartier Tank, the only way to know the difference would be to be an expert, or to actually remove it and look at the back of it, otherwise you will be left firmly with the impression you are viewing a Louis Cartier.

Whether this represents a wise decision on the part of Cartier Remains to be seen, ever since they started to produce the Must De Cartier range, their reputation in the field of watchmaking, already pretty low as they were essentially just casemakers and until very recently did not produce any movements with any particular specialization, has decreased considerably, and the Must de Cartier range were considered a sort of 'Comedy' watch almost.  This move on there part does at least make their budget offering look a little less Comical.


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