Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Leica T Hosoo Collaboration Edition.

Pretty much everyone knows that the Japanese consumer is a premium consumer of luxury products, the higher end the better.  It is no accident that Goyard had 5 outlets in Japan before they had a single one in Europe outside of France.  And what is a Japanese luxury consumers favourite camera brand?  Why Leica of course!

With flagship stores in Tokyo and Kyoto to name but two of the many, and several smaller stores dotted all around, Leica is a brand much loved in the land of the Rising Sun.  And to celebrate this, they have released a special edition exclusive to Japan which sees Leica collaborate with Hosoo, one of Japan's, and the worlds, oldest brands.  

The 1,200 year old Kyoto-based textile company has lent itself to the collaboration by designing a special body in the Nishijin textile tradition which, as well as being attractive, also adds grip, and bolsters protection. 

Available in a limited worldwide edition of 15, eight in black and seven in gold, prices will depend upon the selected lens, but vary between £2,500 and £3,200.  The Leica T Hosoo limited edition, which is available now, requires a trip not only to Japan, but also to Kyoto, as it is available exclusively from the Kyoto flagship store.

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