Tuesday, 28 June 2016

BAPE Furniture Collection.

News that A Bathing Ape will be creating a furniture line leaves us conflicted to sat the least.  On the one hand BAPE is a genius brand, that despite loosing its founder Nigo still manages to produce some stellar pieces.  But on the other hand we have bee left a little disappointed by the recent releases which have had the distinct flavour of sell-out.

The fact is that BAPE have been moving closer and closet to a lifestyle brand as time has passed, with mugs, placemats and various other household products being released by them.  Even in Nigo's days this was the case, and it continues to be so now.  So this new collection of furniture then should be something to be celebrated, especially considering how pure it remains to the BAPE aesthetic.

The first line-up includes three camp style furniture pieces, with bare wood frames, and BAPE camo upholstery in three colours, and one set of display boxes for storage use in wood with the same BAPE camo print.

Pieces don't come cheap, starting from £450, but the real killer is they are only available from the BAPE gallery in Kyoto, so unless you live in Japan, you had better factor in the shipping costs for these large furniture pieces also.

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