Monday, 27 June 2016

Vetement's Zemfira Hoody.

Vetements have been one of the most controversial names in fashion in, some people say, the history of modern fashion, with many drawing parallels with Chanel's early days.  The name has burst on to the scene with boxy oversized silhouettes and heavy streetwear inspired collections which leaves critics calling them a flash in the pan and overpriced hot-topic gear, and supporters saying it revolutionises fashion and style.

Whatever your position on them, or how long they will last, they are very much 'now' and if you want to be on the cutting edge of fashion you had better sit up and take notice.

This new hoody from Vetements Fall/Winter 2016 collection is part of their attempt to make the brand more 'accessible' to consumers, with more reasonably priced pieces.  However, while Denma Gvasalia gives with one hand, he takes away with another, as this monochrome hoody, with bold cyrillic of the Russian rock musician Zemfira on the back, is limited to just 50 pieces, in the entire world, ever.

Available exclusively from SV Moscow, the £600 price tag, which is reasonable for Vetements, does not include the Russian shipping costs.  Goodness only knows what sort of resale value this will command.

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