Thursday, 30 June 2016

Head Porter Luxury iWatch Straps.

Head Porter, or should we say HEAD PORTER, are releasing a set of luxury watch straps for the iWatch.  And all iWatch related gentrifying always interests us.  Unlike the Hermes iWatch you don't need to buy a special edition iWatch to enjoy extra features, these are just a nice selection of straps for anyone interested.

Available are two standard, and two cuff bracelet versions, the cuff versions come in croc print, and camo print, and the slim standard versions are the classic Tanker Navy in navy nylon with an orange lining, and a sleek all black nylon version.

Prices are not available, but expect upwards of £100 for sure, and when available in July both 38mm and 42mm sizes of iWatch will be catered for. 

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