Sunday 19 March 2023

Upcoming Adidas and Balenciaga Collab Following Supposed Cancelling.


In 2022 Balenciaga attracted considerable negative press attention.  This was achieved by one, featuring children playing with BDSM leather studded teddy bears, and two, having a bag photographed on top of documents which were related to child pornography cases and legislation.

The brand was universally panned, and lost a great deal of money, an article by Vogue estimated it to possibly represent a 20% drop of their expected income.  Furthermore, many stores refused to stock their products, and brands that partnered with them terminated these partnerships.  Adidas was one of them.  Then, in March 2023, Adidas was back on Balenciaga's runway, and there are a slew of releases set to come out later this year.  

With this the fashion world continues to demonstrate its hypocrisy.  They don't care about child exploitation, after all, most of their products are produced in factories which exploit children.  Remember no fur in the 1980's?  Many brands now use it again.  The bottom line is profit, and thats all they care about sadly.

Look forward to a selection of tatty crap from Balenciaga, a brand that literally played around with the concept of child abuse for advertising, and Adidas, a brand that couldn't care less as long as they get your money.

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