Thursday 6 April 2023

Fans of Aesop Cosmetics Take Note, the Brand has been Acquired by L'Oreal.


From humble beginnings in Australia in the late 1980's, Aesop has come to be regarded as a premium luxury cosmetics and homewares brand that the chattering classes feel proud to display in their guest bathrooms and bedrooms.  It's also something more to a great many people, a good brand producing quality products at high, but not unreachable, proces.

Prepare to have that changed, as the brand was just acquired by L'Oreal for $2.5 billion.  Fans of this deal have made much of the potential advantages this will bring, one style blog comparing the Estee Lauder Tom Ford acquisition.  Yet that brought Tom Ford from being a small boutique brand with choice luxury products into a behemoth of overpriced blandness.  

This is understandable, as this is the way of corporate takeovers, strip all individuality, follow the profit model, jack up prices, profit.  The new owners don't care, and neither should you.  Just start looking elsewhere to something that still has the spark of originality Aesop is about to loose for your luxury cosmetics.

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