Sunday 6 August 2023

Morley's Pop-Up At Standard Hotel London in Heinz Morley Launch Promotion


Luxury hotel group The Standard are hosting a pop-up limited edition fried chicken restaurant with Morley's chicken branding.  

For the uninitiated, Morley's is a fried chicken restaurant franchise primarily found in South London.  There's a long and storied cultural history, and ongoing culture war between North and South London chicken shop brands on which is the best, but on a fundamental level, it's a fried chicken franchise mostly in South London.  It also has a reputation for being very inexpensive, making this pop-up with The Standard seem unusual at first-blush.  That is until you look closer and see that the global megabrand Heinz is releasing a special edition Morleys sauce, and realise this is just a method for Heinz to market their new product in a novel way to customers who would probably never be interested in it.

Sly marketing trick aside, the menu on offer at The Standard's Double Standard bar/restaurant will not be the normal Morley's fare, but luxurious reinterpretations of these.  The chicken being dipped in caviar in promotional images hints at this, and while this seems unlikely in reality, there will be a selection of high-end, luxury, fried chicken dishes for a limited period.  

The pop-up launches tomorrow, August 7 2023, and will run until September 3 2023.

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