Thursday 27 July 2023

Apparently Loewe is the Worlds "Hottest Brand". . .


According to the Lyst Index Loewe is the world's "hottest brand", and is the "one to watch".  This has been widely reported in outlets such as Hypebeast, and Forbes.  According to reports this is likely motivated by the unusual "3D print" clothes that have been regarded as meme-worthy and celebrities wearing the brand such as Kylie Jenner wearing their Anagram tank top.  This has apparently resulted in a 19% increase in searches for the brand.

However, Loewe hasn't produced anything noteworthy, and it's new products are a far cry from the maximalism Gucci do so well.  They are merely a vain attempt to grab attention in an attention economy, and smack of desperation.  As does the fact that celebrities are "wearing" these garments, after all, these celebrities are given the clothes for free, and paid to wear them.  As for the so called "hottest brand" label, a mere three months ago this belonged to Prada.  Are we really supposed to believe some seismic shift has altered reality to make Prada no longer a viable choice?   

We suggest this is reporting nothing for the sake of filling headline space.  If we were being entirely cynical we would suspect the entire affair is manufactured beyond what is a given in these circles.  At any rate, hopefully consumers wont be fooled by this into buying Loewe's pretty tatty tat.

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