Sunday 8 October 2023

Qunice Sustainable Cashmere Attempts to bring Luxury at Affordable Prices.


A brand to keep a eye on if you are a fan of cashmere at reasonable prices is the San Francisco based Quince.  This relatively new brand seeks to both have a sustainable supply-chain for its cashmere, and deliver the highest quality clothing, homeware's and accessories at bargain-basement prices.  According to the brand's website, they operate on a direct to consumer model, which enables them to achieve both of these aims.

In the current climate of unease and mistrust, any claims are doubted, no matter how real or genuine they may be.  However, unless Quince is operating at a substantial loss with a view to eliminate competition, they may be telling the truth here.  Their cashmere sweaters start from $59, which beats even Uniqlo's budget cashmere prices.

We feel this is very much of the moment, as affordability is vital in difficult economic times.  However, its not necessarily viable to apply this to luxury goods.  In much of the cases, the premium price is part of what makes luxury goods attractive.  It's uncertain as to offering "discount" luxury goods will be attractive to consumers.

In any case, Quince's products appear of exceptional quality, and can be a good opportunity to stock up on quality basics and wardrobe essentials.  Head to their site for more information and to purchase some.

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