Friday 15 December 2023

Louis Vuitton Launch Tableware, But Hermes Did it Better.


Louis Vuitton have shocked no-one by launching a tableware selection.  We say this as Hermes storied tableware collections have existed for decades, and it's frankly surprising LV took so long to launch their own.

However, like much of what Louis Vuitton does, it's a pale imitation of Hermes efforts.  Hermes bold and elegant designs evoke romantic scenes, or abstract shapes, such as their Guadalquivir collections.  Louis Vuitton's on the other hand as just their logo, over and over and over again.  

While it's disappointing, it's not surprising, Vuitton generally plays to their consumer base, and these people love big flashy logos, and and vulgarity.  There are exceptions of course, a well chosen monogram accessory can be extremely tasteful, but the branding for most of their products is Outre.

The prices also happen to be astronomical, for example, a set of 2 dinner plates are £350, compared to just £125 each for Hermes, vastly superior, offerings.  If you disagree, the collection is available now from Louis Vuitton directly, however we suggest looking elsewhere.

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