Tuesday 5 December 2023

Thom Browne & Baccarat Collaborate for an Uninspired Collection.


The title of this entry indicates our view on this relatively clearly, and we are not amused.  On its face a collaboration between Thom Browne, a designer renowned for exceptionally detailed tailoring, and Baccarat, a storied crystalware maker, seems at odds.  There is no real reason for these brands to come together, and the result we feel reflects this.

Frankly, we can't see any reason to choose these over the classic Baccarat 1841 Harcourt, or even Harmonie, collection's and the addition of a four bar stripe as a nod to Browne, along with the slightly dull, and flimsy, designs, demonstrates why forethought in collaborations is always wise.

This seems yet another example of brands collaborating for no other reason than to cash in.  No doubt consumers will lap these up, but as the saying goes, there's no accounting for taste.  

If readers disagree, these can be obtained from Thom Browne's website, with prices starting from £450 for a set of Champagne Coupe's, so they are at least less expensive than Baccarat's best offerings.

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