Sunday 14 January 2024

Luxury Brands cash in on Children with Kid's Fragrance's.


As businesses and luxury brands seek ways to strip the remaining capital from consumers in new and inventive ways, they appear to be becoming slightly desperate in this objective.  For several years now brands have been creating ranges of products for children, and accessorising younger persons has become the growth market.  We wrote about this previously, but more recently, a new product aimed at kids has been doing the rounds, and that is fragrances for children.
In truth, fragrances for children have existed for decades, but they were usually for parents to odorise after the inevitable early years accidents that come along with parenthood.  They were usually brightly coloured, featuring favourite characters of children, being shaped in childlike designs.  Aside from being alcohol free to not harm young children, one other feature was virtually universal.  They were extremely inexpensive, costing £5 or £10 at most.

As luxury brands have targeted this area, affordability has gone out the window, with Hermes offering costing £100, Bulgari's £110, and the recently discontinued Creed for kids being £230.  This in our view, is ludicrous.  The aforementioned reason for kids fragrances is for parents to make kids smell nice, not for kids to impress anyone, as they have no-one to impress, for they are children.  It's yet another tone-deaf money-making venture by increasingly out of touch luxury brands which are, as noted, becoming desperate.

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