Sunday 18 February 2024

Swaine Adeney Brigg Rebrand and Relaunch as "Swaine London".


Storied English brand Swaine Adeney Brigg has rebranded following acquisition in 2022, and shed it's former stores, workshops, and name.  The brand left its St James store when the lease ended in 2018, and moved to Picadily Arcade.  In truth, the brand has had a rocky history, and the name being three families combined in itself was an attempt to merge to be stronger in difficult times.  However, the effect of COVID-19 was too severe, and the brand was acquired by French luxury group Chargeurs.

The French group have changed the store location, moving them to the Burlington Arcade, changed their factory to a new one in Sawston Cambridgeshoire, and opened a flagship at 127 New Bond Street, with a workshop in the building.  They have also changed the logo and brand name to "Swaine", and abandoned the Times font for trendy Arial/blocky text.  Along with launching some new "trendy" bags.

Frankly, it's sad to see yet another brand fall under the relentless sanitising drive that was spearheaded by LVMH in brands like Berluti and Rimowa.  Once again, we see the same dull cliches:  Sans-serif font black on white, big clean minimal stores, marketing campaigns of models pouting holding products.  It's so tired, and so boring.  Whether this will revitalise the brand or just mean it limps along for a while longer remains to be seen.  In either case, light a candle for another traditional brand that has fallen into mediocrity.

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