Sunday 10 March 2024

Heritage Brand Baracuta Collab with Mastermind and Pull it Off.


Collab's are everywhere nowadays.  With many of them being highly questionable.  Every so often one comes along that manages to succeed, and the recent limited collection from the established British brand Baracuta, and Japanese brand Mastermind, is a good example of when this occurs.  The selection includes some bland and forgettable tee's, and hoody's, which is understandable, as boring tat is Mastermind's staple.  However, the classic Baracuta G4 and G9 jacket's have been done surprisingly tastefully.

We say surprisingly, as Mastermind is known for neither taste, nor restraint.  It is known for overpriced, and relatively poor quality, streetwear, emblazoned with skull and crossbone logo's.  Perhaps the brand's designer's think skulls are edgy, or maybe they saw one too many pirate movies growing up.  In any case, Mastermind is mostly mocked for it's £1,000 tee shirts with no discernible stand out features, and the fact that this energy was toned down for the Baracuta collaboration is fairly remarkable.

We suspect the Baracuta team are responsible for the subdued nature of the collab.  Which would make sense given the brand's storied status.  The two jacket's are quite good in our view.  With very subtle skull logos on the back, and hidden in expanding cuffs (G9), or with just the logo's embroidered on the cuffs (G4), discreet skull zippers, and nothing else.

What makes this collaboration particularly interesting, and something which we again are sure Baracuta is responsible for, is the reasonable price.  A normal no limited G4 or G9 is £350 - £450, while the Baracuta x Mastermind G9 is £475, and the G4 is £585.  Compared with the prices Mastermind stuff goes for, this is a bargain.

Baracuta still has some in stock at time of writing, if interested, shake a leg.

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