Monday 26 February 2024

Loro Piana Attempt to Streamline with a Sleeker, Smoother Attitude, but is Lifeless and Dull.


Loro Piana has showcased it's 2024/2025 fall/winter collection, and it has a marked similarity to a number of currently popular mainstream brands.  One stand out detail is the cardo-shaped pins closing the collars, which is seemingly a reference to thistle's, which have a textured touch.  However, it's the fact that the collection looks virtually identical to Zegna's Fear-Of-God collection that is more surprising.

Or perhaps, not so surprising.  Loro Piana is in fact owned by LVMH, and has been since 2013.  Antione Arnault has been steering the ship since 2022, and as anyone familiar with the fashion industry knows, the Arnault family and LVMH are like the Apple of luxury goods.  Sleek, polished, bland and dull, and completely devoid of creativity.  It is therefore entirely unsurprising that they have simply copied Zegna after seeing how well it did, as that's their trademark.

It's sad to see Loro Piana slide into being merely another lifeless husk of a brand, without any originality.  However, as long as LVMH continues it's expansion and approach, this will continue to be the case.

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  1. I've no idea how I found this blog but I landed on an article on Alfred Dunhill from 2010 and have now wasted 2 hours reading the rest. Really excellent articles and insights. I love the combination of snark and knowledge!