Monday 1 April 2024

Rimowa Re-Introduce Defunct Hammerschlag Luggage For Capsule Collection


In a move, the logic of which must only be apparent to the "great" minds at Rimowa HQ, the brand is re-introducing their Hammerschlag collection for a limited run.  German for Hammer Hit, the term refers to the practice of using a hammer to make distinctive patterns on the metal.  However, what most design led blogs appear to have completely missed, is that this practice was abandoned in favour of better methods.

The Hammerschlag technique was not designed to "reflect light", or "flatter non-textured surfaces", it was used to make the bags stronger.  Rimowa began making aluminium luggage from 1930, but found that flat panelled aluminum buckled and warped too much, along with showing up marks and dents too greatly.  The grooved design Rimowa are famous for was created in the 1950's, and Hammerschalg was an "experiment" in effect to test the an alternative in the 1960's.  It was found ineffective, and the grooved design we now know and love won out.  This used to be able to be found on Rimowa's Wikipedia entry, before it became re-written by LVMH marketing executives to resemble an advert.

The choice to re-introduce an inferior product was clearly motivated by greed, and little else.  Demonstrated by the manner it's marketed as an "exclusive" product, "limited" to only 1,898 of the cabin an 966 of the Hand-Carry, and for "only" £2,130 for the cabin and £1,770 for the Hand-Carry.  

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