Monday 8 April 2024

Bang Olufsen ADER ERROR Beosound 1 and Accessories Capsule.


We have been pretty unashamed in our criticism's of Bang & Olufsen's so-called "limited editions".  With their "atelier' collection attracting scathing criticism from many, including ourselves.  However, when their right their right, and in their ADER ERROR capsule, in our view, they hit the mark.

The question arises, what distinguishes this "limited edition capsule" from others?  The answer is the vision.  We see here an idea, and concept.  The attractive stand which elevate's the Beosound 1 from a simple portable speaker to mini system.  The leather sling case, which is designed for listening on the go.  Anyone who has ever enjoyed the simple pleasure of a min-rave in the streets with friends, with a powerful speaker hanging from a bag pumping out tracks, will appreciate how charming the idea of a sling case for their speaker.  All of which is to be compared with other launches from B&O, which do little other than changing a colour scheme, and in the case of the "atelier" ranges, adding £200 to the price tag.  

Take note all those who think to collab, or launch limited edition capsule's, have a vision, say something, give meaning and voice to an idea.  Otherwise, it's obviously mere money-making trash.

There are no price's at time of writing, in fact, the ADER ERROR Bnag & Olufsen range is set to launch two days hence.  However, we can safely assume given ADER ERROR pricing that the sling case will be upwards of £400, and the speaker will be around £300, while the stand is anyone's guess.

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