Saturday 11 May 2024

Loro Piana Miss the Point of Denim Completely with Denim Silk


Denim, as most are aware, was created in the late 19th century as a hard wearing fabric for workers.  As is also commonly known, it has been co-opted by the majority of people as an everyday staple, and can be seen worn by everyone from cutting edge avant garde artists, to politicians on their off days.  However, despite the myriad of high end offerings, such as Hermes jeans that costs £800, and many more example far more expensive, these all retain that they are made from hardy materials.  The aforementioned Hermes ones for example are constructed from heavyweight selvedge denim that will likely last a lifetime.

Loro Piana however know better what we want.  Following hot on the heels of their CashDenim material that is cashmere and denim blend, costing £1000 for a pair of five pocket jeans, comes DenimSilk.  As the slightly uninspiring  name conveys, this is denim and silk, and is apparently a 59% cotton, 41% silk blend, that is made in the region of Japan famous for denim, Bingo.  Apparently the fabric is lighter to the touch, and more dynamic in movement.  Which is rather to be expected, since it's cotton and silk blended material.

What we think is that Guy Debord woudl have a field day with this, as this is really the society of the spectacle writ large.  The authenticity of denim as a hard wearing material has been entirely subsumed and obliterated, and become a mere representation of itself.  This material is not denim, it's denim coloured cotton and silk blend.  But hey on the one hand, it's probably lighter and easier to have the denim "look" in hotter weather.  And that is all that matters, the spectacle.

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