Sunday 4 June 2023

Hermes Airpods Pro Case.


Hermes association with Apple has produced some genuinely interesting pieces, chiefly their excellent range of Apple Watch straps.  However, until now the products kept to Hermes ethos of longevity.  This appears to have changed somewhat with the new Airpods Pro case.

Airpods Pro are an intrinsically transient device.  The design may have stayed the same for two generations, but thats unlikely to be the case in the future.  This makes Hermes move here an example of simple profiteering.  Nothing necessarily wrong with that, but it doesn't gel with their long-standing credo of quality first.

In any case, they do look nice, and are available in a range of colours, are made of Swift calfskin, and cost £770 each including a lanyard made of the same Hermes leather.

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