Sunday 23 July 2023

Electric Vehicle Chargers Begin To Become Design Objects With Simpson & Partners’ EV Chargers.


Time was an electric vehicle was a choice for the environment and tech forward types.  Frankly that time is well past since Tesla made Electric Vehicles luxury products, but it's still a little odd to consider luxury accessories in relation to them.  Now however, not only are there a wealth of various luxury EV options, there are design focused accessories for the EV lifestyle.    In fact, the product we are discussing here comes from Simpson & Partners', a company which doesn't merely create designer EV charger, it was created specifically to make designer EV chargers.

According to it's founders they saw they were "not excited" by the EV charger options on the market so applied themselves to designing a luxury version for high end consumers.  The result is very sleek, and smacks of the type of products that roll out of Danish audio manufacturers and high end kitchen appliance makers.

The tech side doesn't matter, all that does matter is the price, and if you want it.  And here thats £650.

Frankly, considering most EV chargers are upwards if £400, as much as it puts a lump in our throats, an extra £250 for a well designed piece of charging kit seems relatively reasonable.  We look forward to laughing at the severe errors of judgment likely to be rolled out in the future in this space, but presently this seems a nice way to add a touch of style to a soon to be essential piece of home equipment.

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