Monday 20 November 2023

Loro Piana Frisbee Takes Overpriced Luxury Goods To New Heights.


We like luxury goods, and are often happy to see luxury re-interpretation's of everyday goods.  However, we are increasingly finding ourselves encountering goods that, while carrying the branding of elite luxury goods brands, they themselves are not in fact capable of being called luxury by any reasonable measure, and are simply overpriced.  Loro Piana's branded frisbee fits this description perfectly.

The disk is unashamedly made from plastic, indeed, Loro Piana's website doesn't even try dressing it up as "polycarbonate", it nakedly says plastic.  The cost of this 23cm plastic disk is a staggering £175.  

There is no additional benefit added as with most luxury items. it's just a disk of plastic with Loro Piana's name on the front.  For context, a plain frisbee can be obtained from Amazon starting from £1.  We fail to see in what way this version is 175 time better. 

We hope this is more of a joke product, designed to get tongues wagging, as if it's a sign of the times, then luxury goods are in a sorry place indeed.

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